Girls flake on him so much that he has deep, deep thoughts about it.  It’s not that he’s a douche.  It’s that he is SO.  FUCKING.  ALPHA.


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Posts for the sake of posts

Believing that fictional characters are historical, in a post that reads like a girl’s magazine.  SO.  FUCKING.  ALPHA.

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Willful ignorance of facts and blind racism.  SO.  FUCKING.  ALPHA.

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Psychotic, poorly written conspiracy theories.  SO.  FUCKING.  ALPHA.  

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Mocking people because of how they look in order to make oneself feel better.  SO FUCKING ALPHA.

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He is DEFINITELY not gay!

Poor guy – he has to make it abundantly and explicitly clear that he is not gay and knows nothing about gay male flirting.  Of course, nobody would ever, EVER question his sexuality.  Why?  Because he’s SO FUCKING ALPHA.

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Check out this new one crying for politicians to stand up and say something about immigration.

“If only we had a few men with big brass ones like him on this side of the Atlantic…”

Clearly he doesn’t realize the stupidity of that statement and the fact that he includes himself in his sentiment.  Yes, if only there were men who stood up for what they believed!  Where might we find them?  Clearly not at the Chateau, which is currently populated by cowards unwilling to lift a finger to do what is right.

So.  Fucking.  ALPHA.

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Crying a River

I’m sad.  I don’t have anything to do.  Wah wah wah.  Oh, I’m going to post it on my blog so all my friends can read about how sad I am.  SO FUCKING ALPHA.

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Freak out, scream, hit girls, all over cheap champagne.  SO FUCKING ALPHA.

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Baby dick, itty bitty baby dick

“The odds are simply not in my favor. Going for a relationship with a girl who has had a few dozen large cocks before me just doesn’t make a lot of sense as I would be paying more for a product that has been at a heavy discount (or free) for so many years before.”

Yes – when a girl knows what she’s missing, you’re not going to feel very good about yourself.  Admitting that you aren’t too big is SO FUCKING ALPHA.

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